Explore More – 3-Year Extended Warranty

All products sold are covered by a manufacturers guarantee. These are normally up to twenty-four months from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated from the date of the original sales invoice.

In addition to the manufacturers guarantee, for purchases recorded against your Explore More membership, we provide a further warranty to three years from the date of the original purchase on new products purchased from 23rd July 2019.

This extended warranty covers items against failure to provide reasonable wear due to a manufacturing fault or defective materials.

If your item does develop a fault, we will arrange for it to be repaired, replaced or a credit applied to your account at our discretion. If the item is to be replaced, and an exact replacement is not available, we will offer you an alternative or will credit your account with the value of the original purchase price.

The warranty excludes faults caused by accident, neglect, including improper care, treatment or exposure to conditions deemed beyond normal conditions, misuse or where the product is deemed to have come to the end of its life through reasonable wear and tear. Any liability is limited to the item only and excludes any consequential loss.

The warranty excludes software and all consumables and products with a limited use by / best before date as identified on the product. Your Statutory rights are not affected.

Previous purchases made up to the 22nd July 2019 under the previous two-year guarantee period will continue to be dealt with under the original guarantee.

What’s not included:

  • Consumables such as;
    • Energy bars, gels, and hydration tablets or liquids
    • Batteries, gas, etc.
    • Footwear laces, tent guy-lines, tent poles, all static cord and ropes.
    • Bike gear & brake cables, brake pads, chains and bearings
  • Cosmetic damage, discolouration where the function/performance of the product is unaffected
  • Accidental damage, e.g. where a product is caught on a sharp object or dropped.
  • Neglect or deliberate damage
  • The product is used for commercial or business use
  • Where the use, servicing, cleaning or maintenance does not follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are do not yet have an Explore More Card or to see the full information, please see here.


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